Kurstin Rae, Public Relations Chair


Kurstin Rae has been a consummate problem solver since her childhood. A creative wiz, she is constantly curating new ideas to find unconventional solutions to conventional issues. As an outspoken and fervent activist in her community she has created, supported and lead initiatives to enrich the lives of African-Americans throughout her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Outside of her career, Kurstin is tackling her favorite project to date, motherhood. As a mom to an adventurous and effervescent little one you can find Kurstin spending most of her downtime exploring Pittsburgh’s gems with her 8 year old son.

Her pastimes include traveling, exploring, reading, music, art, writing and all things black culture.

As the Public Relations Chairwoman for the Urban League of Young Professionals of Greater Pittsburgh, Kurstin is committed to pushing the culture forward for black Pittsburgh natives and promoting inclusivity within the community she serves. Through her work with ULYP Pittsburgh she looks forward to fostering a new narrative surrounding what it looks like to be a “young professional”.

“I am what time, circumstance, history, have made of me, certainly, but I am also so much more than that. So are we all”

– James Baldwin

Christon Harris, Civic Engagement And Advocacy Chair

As a New York City native, Christon Harris has spent the last decade personally and professionally endeavoring to bolster and enrich the lives of young, disadvantaged people of color in urban areas. Christon has had the pleasure of running a print and online magazine, teaching magazine writing and design to high school students, running a college access and success program, and working as an educational consultant for a nonprofit based out of Brooklyn, NY.


While he previously approached community development through the lens of education, Christon’s focus shifted to the creation of sustainable urban community models. These models are intended to spur powerful community partnerships, stakeholder engagement, political agency, and more access to resources that build stronger frameworks for people of all backgrounds to thrive. To this end, Christon attended Carnegie Mellon University’ Public Policy and Management graduate program, focusing on urban economic development and social innovation. He also holds a B.S. in Communication from Cornell University with a double minor in Business and Nutritional Sciences.


Christon volunteers as a chair for the Urban League Young Professional’s Advocacy Committee. He is also a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.’s Alpha Omicron Lambda Chapter where he supports community development programming. Utilizing these platform and others, Christon strives to have an indelible impact on the lives of Pittsburgh residents.

Ja’Lisa Brown MBA, Co- Professional Development Chair


Ja’Lisa L. Brown, MBA is a Pittsburgh native. As a young girl, her dreams and passions were centered around improving her life and those around her. Her thirst for knowledge served as a motivating force that propelled her to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business and MBA from Point Park University. Over the years, she has built a reputation with extensive experience navigating the corporate world in financial services, healthcare, human resources, and benefits and compensation.

She is currently a Benefits Specialist with Alcoa USA Corporation, Pittsburgh, and her relentless thirst for knowledge has led her to pursue a Master of Science in Human Resource Management from Robert Morris University.

While completing her MBA, Ja’Lisa created ‘A Queen with Purpose, LLC’, a brand geared towards the empowerment of women. By combining her extensive skills and experiences, both personal and professional, she aims to equip women to master their lives both personally and professionally, while pursuing their aspirations, without fear, hesitation or doubt.

Ja’Lisa is a Human Resources Professional, Life Strategist, Motivational Speaker and Author. Ja’Lisa currently serves as a Council Member for Vibrant Pittsburgh Next Generation Council and is the Honoree of the When She Thrives 2019 Changemaker Award.

Dr. Tiffany Hatcher, Co-Professional Development Chair


Dr. Tiffany M. Hatcher is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor within Duquesne University School of Pharmacy. Previous to this role, she served as a Pharmacy Clinical Services Manager for Walmart, where she participated in direct patient care in addition to teaching and training other pharmacist and technicians in pharmacy based clinical services.

Dr. Hatcher earned a Doctor of Pharmacy from the illustrious Hampton University School of Pharmacy. Upon graduation, she completed a PGY1 Community Based Pharmacy Residency with University of Arkansas Medical Sciences and Walmart Health & Wellness. During this time, she was awarded a Research and a Teaching Certificate for her work.

Licensed in six states, Dr. Hatcher is highly adaptable and has an array of diverse experiences in teaching, training, and providing pharmaceutical and patient care services. She has a passion for impacting patient care on a national level and ensuring pharmacists and student pharmacists are equipped with tools to better serve our patients. She remains active in numerous professional organizations to continue advocating for patients, pharmacists, and students.

Dr. Hatcher is eager to begin her journey as a Professional Development Co-chair. As a young professional, she is passionate about developing the skillset of young professionals, and redefining what it means to be young professional. With this new era of rebranding, career transitioning and self-marketing, she is eager to help continue enhancing the current skills of young professionals, and offer a platform for networking, mentorship, and career planning.

Kayla King Scott, Social & Cultural Chair


Randis Doster, Community Service Chair